About Malouf Investments

Malouf Investments is a privately held company specializing in the acquisition, revitalisation and management of multiple-unit investment properties. Our real estate development program is based on a joint-investment agreement with our investors.

Our intimate knowledge of the Montreal real estate market has provided us with an excellent track record of capturing above average returns over the past 10 years. Value is added to our investments by implementing our proven real estate development model which unlocks value at each phase of a property’s development.

Malouf Investments’ expertise is in all areas of commercial and multi-unit residential real estate development including financing, acquisition, renovation as well as leasing, sales and day to day management of its real estate portfolio. This expertise provides investors with the opportunity to invest in one of Canada’s top real estate markets at excellent valuations.

We have created a systematic approach that has been developed from practical experience shaped by years of continuously improving processes which focus on critical areas of value creation in the real estate development cycle.